The End of the World….Really???????????????

so finally 12-12-12 is over, a day which was supposed to be the beginning of the end of the world..and yet we are all still alive and its the 13th….and we are still going on with our lives, still dreaming, hoping, wishing upon stars after stars, calling up friends and planning a coffee date on 21-12-12 when the world supposedly will end..

Isn’t this what makes us all so beautifully human, our ability to daydream and live sometimes or as in my case many a times in the future.. we plan, we pray and then we gossip and rant about all the fear based words that have been creating a havoc around us..

so mebbe just this time, what we need to do is dream and live into the future for a while, dream of a better, brighter, future for ourselves and the earth.. lets get a hold on our minds and emotions ..