The girl who stirred India’s soul

After 23 years of being just my daughter, just “somebody’s daughter”, she became India’s daughter…

She was a mothers hope, faith and belief born from her mother’s heart, With her girl, her mother “Me”, was reborn and started to grow up again

She learnt once again to walk, to speak, to laugh, to dream and to love

She became love, with her little girl walking beside her, they daydreamed their future, dreams that their 100 sq ft home could not hold within its walls.

Her little girl dreamt of flying to unknown lands, of growing wings that would take her to mystic lands, and with her, the mother flew too.

She saw herself becoming a winner, a leader, a stronger person with each passing day

And then she saw, after 23 years, her little girl’s wings being mercilessly cut, when her girl was treated like a ragged doll; thrown aside by someone who didn’t know how to play life’s fair game

Billions prayed for her, with her, but who does she pray to? Her faith lies badly bruised on a hospital bed

Where does she find love and hope and her dreams again? When, all she can see is the white death veil over her daughter’s dreamless eyes.

She was her daughter, her friend, the deepest part of her soul and the mother of her future grand-daughter.

Today she wishes she didn’t have eyes- to see, to dream and to see her little girl fly once more, this time, alone and forever, into the unknown…

Remembering Nirbhaya and the woman who gave her life


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