An attempt at Mindfullness– Under the Bodhi Tree


So I finally decided to  embark on this journey, where at the end of the road I was going to meet I ,Me and Myself.

“At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders.”- Denise Linn

The way Denise describes the soul is perhaps, what makes sense to me and for someone else it could be a combination of  some other words. But the more I’ve tried to demystify the” soul” and” I”, theory the more I’ve realized that it’s not as abstract that it seems initially. Haven’t I always had a soul to begin with, my truest essence, something that I wake up with everyday and go to bed with every night. I can run from the world, my thoughts and my actions ,for the whole day but not during those hours before I wake up and before I am just about to sleep. That’s when I get to  spend time with myself without any distractions and connect with all that’s good in me, which to me is  my soul.

I now know or perhaps I’ve always known that im not here on this planet for some obscure reason, that I have not had the innumerable experiences that I have had, just because someone or something up there was trying to get me. I always had this something inside of me that told me to have faith and enjoy the ride because this is one ride where not only am I the driver, but I’m also the one who has decided which route to take, whom to meet . what places to stopover at, and imagine deciding all of these meanderings t even before I was born.How cool is that?

One  may ask, Why on earth would someone ask for a bad relationship, unpleasant relatives(I’ve had one too many experiences), money problem, job problem, being at the receiving end all the time, everytime, . Well simply put, we all want to experience the divinity within us, to touch the core of the energy matrix, experience the multi-dimensional Universe , not by sitting on the fence, but by being right at the centre of where the real action takes place. So with every lifetime on earth, I decide to take some lessons , the path less traveled, so that I can UP  my  spiritual vibrations or get promoted to the next level which  eventually will complete the full circle and get me right to the centre of the giant divine matrix  (That’s how I’d like to imagine it, a big mesh of energy, pulsating with life).

Our Life’s purpose therefore, is a reflection of our soul’ purpose for being in the physical state that we are in now. So in essence, all my life I have tried to find why I’m here and every time I’ve gone on a path that takes me away from where I ,should be ,I hit this massive wall of resistance, which I then kick against not giving a moments thought that maybe I’m going the wrong way and the wall is my safety net . It’s like the monster job- ad on television, which shows different people stuck doing the wrong jobs,  and being grossly unhappy. So if I had  decided to become a teacher at the soul level,, so that I can impart knowledge but I decide to become a telemarketer instead, I might just think that I  am in some way educating people about something, what if its only a washing machine, a product manual training, is really  not what i signed up for in my soul contract. So  even If I do end up making money , i’m never really happy..Trust be Ive been there done that, and let me add I did end up irritating a whole lot of people for all the wrong reasons :)..

It’s actually quite  a simple idea if one can wrap their head around it, but it does require great deal of understanding and courage  to apply the findings from our soul searching exercise, especially if  your bills are due and you cant find a job as that teacher Maybe, now is the  time to un-complicate and make it simple.

well, the journey to realize that the our soul is not something outside of us but it resides in our 5 foot body is perhaps the first milestone of our soul journey and then comes listening to this unique part of us because the soul loves the truth and as Denise says, where the mind ends, mindfulness and the connection to our soul begins.

So I’m practicing mindfulness , As Thich Nhat Hanh(Also known as Thay) , the   famous Vietnamese monk says that mindfulness is a kind of energy and perhaps the simplest way to experience ourselves, our thoughts, our ideas and our emotions and invariable connect to our soul. So thats what I am aspiring to reach, a state of mindfulness by following Thay’s s simple technique

Let us enjoy our breathing.
Breathing in–I feel I am alive.
Breathing out–I smile to life.
To Life…smiling to life

Try this simple mindfulness exercise, you wont regret it, the feelings are fantastic and more so they are real, after all,  the soul loves the truth.

Good Luck 🙂