Pam Grout has Me E-Squared

Having so much fun with experimentation!!! dont think I ever said that when I was actually in a lab as an undergrad, but I am saying that now after reading Pam Grout’s E-Squared.

So who is Pam Grout? Well she’s a single mum like me, but apart from that she’s also a travel writer, a freelancer and a successful one at that, and is now a bestselling Hayhouse author. Her book E-squared is a wonderful book for those who are on the fence about all the metaphysical, law of attraction concept, especially cause it lets you experiment with your belief and also the actual energy field around you. The field of potentiality, the force, that she talks about is pretty non-denominational and therein lies the beauty and simplicity of the book. its not preachy and its soo funny..

Doing the experiments now and they are really funnily titled too, such as “the Abracadabra principle” and “Abby’s principle”…And its so doable..and all that LOA stuff is something you can try all by yourself, so somewhere its like giving the power to the readers..

Well, I am having so much fun with someone who has a knack for great communication. I do realize that it needs practice and awareness to actually be in that space of having an open communication with the “FP”, esp. since there is so much rust to clean from my mind from years of conditioning but just realizing the potential in being a certain way is worth making an effort. 

So try these experiments, its good for the soul 🙂

So here’s a link


“All bad things must come to an end.”—Ad for “Breaking Bad”

Link to Pam Grouts WordPress blog..

Pam Grout

“Incredible things happen all the time when you buzz at the right level.” Overheard at Starbucks and shared by Eitan Tom Aitch
hans schultz
I’ve been thinking a lot about Hans Schultz. He is the fictional sergeant to Colonel Wilhelm Klink in the old TV series, Hogan’s Heroes.

Even though Schultz knew about the shenanigans of the Allied POW’s who were running Special Operations from Stalag 13, he was famous for proclaiming to his inept colonel, “I know nothing” in a clipped, German accent.

I repeat that line (complete with the accent) quite often. In fact, it has become an important piece of my spiritual practice.

I have learned that any time I think I’ve figured something out, any time I believe I’ve found the route to this intention or that dream, I promptly proceed to get in my own way.

My understanding is sorely limited. But when “I know nothing,” like…

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To host or not to host….that is the Question


aunty acid

The Big Fat Indian Wedding is not a myth, but of mythological proportions.

In India marriage is not just a family  affair anymore its an extended family and friends affair, the bigger the better. Considering how much we Indians spend on the many aspects of the marriage, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to actually have a pre-marriage couple and the couples family counselling session followed by a visit to the lawyers to sign the Pre-Nup. Considering the diminishing ROI on most marriages these days, what with quickie divorces and separations, these costs are fairly negligible. While the counselling session will check the sanity levels of both the parties, the pre-nup will make sure the sanity is maintained, especially with the clauses on relatives and their visitation rights in the first 5 years of the couple getiing married.

I can already see the aunty’s fluttering their eyelashes and wondering how can someone who is sane even consider going to a therapist or a lawyer. Only sick and crazy people knock silently on the therapists door, not the wise ones, especially those who have made the very wise decision of getting married and taking on the responsibility of not just the spouse but the spouses’s entire family  tree, and that too, not just of  the family branches but the branch-lets too.

Since I am single and  don’t have a significant other to complain about, i’m often approached by my friends who tell me how lucky I am to be single. the reasons range from a crappy mother-in-law, who insists on accompanying the couple everywhere, to a sister-in-law who refuses to stop interfering in her brothers home , even though she’s been married 10 years,etc,etc. But the most common complaint is that of the extended joint family, so while most people might now live in  a nuclear family, the family members visiting them  all the time, don’t make them feel like they are so Nuclear after all. Anybody who has a son or daughter will want to visit you for their offspring’s admissions into a college, or someone falls sick  and pronto your nursing them back to health.  So in essence, they make sure that they get the value for money that they would have probably spent on the wedding gift for you. So most often  it’s the guy’s side of the family and just when you’ve bid them goodbye, someone from the girl’s side is ringing the doorbell. And god forbid if there are kids, who insist on sleeping with the very sweet aunt, the couples love life is non-existent.

what advice can one give a harried friend whose been living this life for the last two months and haven’t a night of good sleep. Well i asked her to pack her bags, scroll through her address book and head out to the  other newly weds  house for a week of  R&R..while she can indulge in some romance, the newly weds will make sure they r well taken care of.. after all even the newly weds need a break from each-other and like one of my aunt says, “after all they have to spend their whole life , looking at each others faces, what difference does it make if we go visit them for 2 weeks”..

Did my friend take the advice? I haven’t had a chance to check with her, after-all even though I am single, I am hosting the branch-lets from my side of the family. Now I get it,why  my friends are  so jealous of my singledom, that’s because, I get to host only my side of the family which leaves me with at least 6 months of ME time..Ahh this benefit of being Single–its priceless

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