Pam Grout has Me E-Squared

Having so much fun with experimentation!!! dont think I ever said that when I was actually in a lab as an undergrad, but I am saying that now after reading Pam Grout’s E-Squared.

So who is Pam Grout? Well she’s a single mum like me, but apart from that she’s also a travel writer, a freelancer and a successful one at that, and is now a bestselling Hayhouse author. Her book E-squared is a wonderful book for those who are on the fence about all the metaphysical, law of attraction concept, especially cause it lets you experiment with your belief and also the actual energy field around you. The field of potentiality, the force, that she talks about is pretty non-denominational and therein lies the beauty and simplicity of the book. its not preachy and its soo funny..

Doing the experiments now and they are really funnily titled too, such as “the Abracadabra principle” and “Abby’s principle”…And its so doable..and all that LOA stuff is something you can try all by yourself, so somewhere its like giving the power to the readers..

Well, I am having so much fun with someone who has a knack for great communication. I do realize that it needs practice and awareness to actually be in that space of having an open communication with the “FP”, esp. since there is so much rust to clean from my mind from years of conditioning but just realizing the potential in being a certain way is worth making an effort. 

So try these experiments, its good for the soul 🙂

So here’s a link

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