I am a woman


I am a woman, I am a survivor,  I am a victim, I am happiness , I am sadness, I have dreams both fulfilled and unfillfilled, I am Hope

I am gravity, I am the weeping willow,I am strong at my root and weak in my heart.

I was born not out of love but apathy,I have been living the life of apathy, for its now in my DNA

I am love but I  still crave love,I am complete but not whole

I am the water that waits for the winds to ripple its waters,

For I don’t have the strength to to flow over the boulders and become the stream that I was meant to be,  so I i turn into a stagnant lake

And yet…..

I am hope, I am kindness, I am empathy, I am abundance

I am the the wood on which the weeping willow stands

I am the wind that blows across the lake and causes the ripple

I am both the sun and the moon, night and day, I am Me

I am more than  what I am now

But I still have to be what I am meant to be, the best Myself, the woman that is me


4 thoughts on “I am a woman

    Wrote something a while back. I f you feel like read it –
    Being Free, Being Me ..!!!//wp.me/p3N7Ca-1d

    Might strike a chord 🙂

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