I can see clearly now!!! bit by bit

Pam Grout and I seem to be on the same page when it comes to our choice of our current reads, for we both are in the middle of the  book ” I can see Clearly Now” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Dr. Dyer is a man , who has proved to be my soul’s guide in the real world.. His books, talks, quotes have come to me at times when my soul needed the most to find out the Why’s and How’s and especially the Why Not’s of my life?

So while I read the book , i find myself wanting to look and see things differently , to become the observer of my own life’s movie..and I want to enjoy the show too as I join the dots to my very eventful life… When I look at all that has happened to me or is happening to me now, I see a  big , giant mesh and yet, I can see the single thread that has created the mesh, and funnily  enough, it is me who has  been holding the free end of the thread, the whole time(atleast from the time I was 10 and thinking)..As I watch the movie of my life so far, I see love as a recurrent theme, love in many forms from different people, family, friends,even some relatives, my child and I also see despair, but then love takes over and things somehow are OK…mind you, it was horrible to go through the phase then , but its OK now… in my movie there have been villains and vamps,drama and intrigue, heartbreak ,comedy and romance , and while this was happening , they were making me into who I am today.. And that’s my AHA moment, if the events of my past make me what I am now, what I choose to think, feel and do  today will finally become my future self too.. and If i can see that clearly now, I think I’ve managed to gain the greatest insight from Dr. Dyer’s book..

BTW you should read the book to find out what you’re meant to see clearly.. I was especially kicked by the mind-body experiments in the book..so that’s on my to-try List now..wish me luck


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