Mahabharat– from the woman’s perspective

Pretty kicked after having watched April 9th’s Mahabharata Episode( a series I do not follow, but was urged to watch by my GF’s).. 4 key takeaways

  1. Draupadi most certainly was the earliest empowered and emancipated woman
  2.  Faith is the precursor to all things miraculous, faith in herself and her choice of her protector/God made all the difference.. she didnt doubt him and surrendered and then miracles unfolded
  3.   She believed in her purity and greatness, especially, pertinent today when women get blamed for rape and other atrocities and the perpetrators aren’t. She wasn’t a victim but she made those who maligned her and those who stood by watching realize , that they definitely were, Victims of their ego, false sense of power and personal weaknesses..
  4. She stood for herself first, she didn’t hesitate to say No, show her anger and definitely didn’t want to please anyone…Women have to trust their self , even if that means being selfish…ultimately Draupadi was liberated in her thoughts and her actions and didn’t need validation of her power from others…

Now that what makes you a super-woman!!!



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