To Love or not to Love: that is almost never a question?

Love , is probably the most celebrated word in the human dictionary, perhaps that one English word which joins the whole of the cosmos together…wherever one is , they would probably have used this word to express their feelings to that special person by saying “ I love you”.. LOVE ,The word that has the power to bridge chiasms and creates so many more.

Love gives you the freedom to acknowledge the being that you are and wanting to share your essence with someone else. And yet love or love’s evil twin almost begins to coexist. Love is confusing, it can cause angst, it can make a poet out of the most cynical and yet we all crave to experience that feeling that defies all logic.

Meeting someone, interacting with them, feeling and experiencing togetherness,  for a cynic like Me, I’ve  almost always seen people literally fall in love and fall so deep into the abysss that they almost never rise again. I’ve been making a joke out of the situation for as long as I can remember now, hoping that somehow someone would prove me wrong.. you do meet the occasional “forever in love” couples but then they are like islands .

And then that cynical “Me” happens to meet someone or rather connect with someone and that person makes you laugh, and speak your mind and makes you want to take second chances .

The skeptical “Me” finds herself being a lot more patient and happy and smiling a lot or rather grinning through boring work meetings. She is kinder, lovelier and she glows. Am I then in Love?

By the definition of romantic love, definitely not, but I am in love with myself and the world around me and maybe that’s the kind of love that I have been always been looking for, one that extends beyond the two people to everyone in their orbit.. and that’s the kind of love that I want to fall in..and maybe just maybe , it will also have a fair bit of romance to pep things up.. till then I happy to be still confused J


You , me and our Space

Being with you is being with myself, my truest self,

With you, I think not with intellect but with intuition.

You’re the feeling that I don’t try to grasp .

As I set you free , I set myself free too

From the intellect which says be careful, too much ecstasy

And listen to that part of me, which says, don’t bother, take the plunge

I give you space to be who are and you do the same

For then we can meet in a sacred space that belongs to just You and Me

A space without expectations and illusions, games or pretensions

Into a magical place of untold stories and mysteries

I understand that you need wings to fly, to distant lands, even without me

But waiting isn’t all that bad,

For one , the wait is for  someone who is You,

 and also because now, I will have stories of mine to tell you too

The One

When I was a little girl, I got introduced to the “One”

He was the prince in Cinderella , in Snowhite and also in Rapunzel, The knight in a shining armour on an even shinier horse

An image so indented in the minds of little girls like you and me

The message was clear, we women needed to be rescued more often than not

Not to worry, there was always going to be a knight in shining armor to rescue us from ourselves at the right moment

And then we grew up!! And Life Happened

We realized we made mistakes, some knowingly, some unknowingly, mostly because we were gullible, or tired and because we thought we were in true love

So we go into that space of mourning, much like the tower in which Rapunzel was in or tried sleeping off the depression a- la Snow-white

All the while waiting for the prince to walk in and waltz us out of the pain, kiss us and bring us back to a happy place

That never happened, it can never happen, the prince perhaps got overwhelmed by all our expectations of him and simply rode off on his white horse

To save somebody from their own self isn’t such an easy task, and the prince is only just a man

With his own issues, and stress and friends and life, He has no time to fix you up,

So maybe it isn’t a bad idea to fix yourself up, even if it’s always going to be at a work in progress stage

It takes courage, and faith, lots of humour and a great group of friends and a very happy and stable significant other (not a requisite) to make us a better version of Us

Atleast at the end of it you know who the real “One” is and that this  one is always with you, in you and that  you never ever have to stay alone at the lighthouse , waiting to be rescued by someone who does not even exists.