You , me and our Space

Being with you is being with myself, my truest self,

With you, I think not with intellect but with intuition.

You’re the feeling that I don’t try to grasp .

As I set you free , I set myself free too

From the intellect which says be careful, too much ecstasy

And listen to that part of me, which says, don’t bother, take the plunge

I give you space to be who are and you do the same

For then we can meet in a sacred space that belongs to just You and Me

A space without expectations and illusions, games or pretensions

Into a magical place of untold stories and mysteries

I understand that you need wings to fly, to distant lands, even without me

But waiting isn’t all that bad,

For one , the wait is for  someone who is You,

 and also because now, I will have stories of mine to tell you too


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