Being in the Light

As I light the Diwali  diya’s this year, I think of a time , eight years ago, when there were lights around me, but all I could feel was the stifling darkness of my heart. I had just lost a child, a marriage, a job, and my sense of being in the world.. I remember walking around the colony where I lived, wondering how people could be so happy when I was not.. the lights were just not brightening my mood or my being. And yet, I didn’t think that God or the Universe was singling me out , because god didn’t really do that..Or maybe I am a hopeless optimist, who has been blessed with faith, even in the middle of  a Tsunami of pain.

I think that Diwali was my bend in the road, because it made me realize that there is only just one path for me, the path of Light, everything else was only darkness and that whatever the situation right now, I was going to have to find a way that took me towards light.. And then the “light bulb” moment of truth that whatever had happened to me , Had already happened, It was Over. It wasn’t done to me, things had just happened. There was also no past to define me by and yet I could create my present that would define my future. A light-filled one at that. So eight years later, here I am, on a Diwali day once more, and this time I truly feel like a “Light-being”, someone who is intent on lighting up my moments, because I know now that my future is being lighted-up in these very moments. After all, there is just one way for me, going to wherever the light is, everything else is only darkness.

Love N Light..Always