Promise to my Daughter

A long long time ago,a little girl somewhere took her first steps,

She holds the hands of the two people she knows best, one in who she grew , the other who helped her grow

they are her safetynet , her world and then one day they are not

she wonders what she could have done to feel like having both her arms being cut off

there is no balance and  no hands to hold her from falling down

its just her all alone, but she is only just a little girl

she watches as the seasons go by, her “people” grow older and more apart

They ask her to love herself and yet they don’t play their part

she wonders what is true , what she hears or that which she sees

the world is confusing , her friends are happy and she pretends to be too

she heard somewhere “fake it till you make it”

faking to be happy, strong and content even when she cant

she is much older now and has a daughter of her own

And she watches her play in a perfect world, a daughter for whom she is the only safety net,

Hers is the only hand that her daughter can hold, the other person just didn’t care

but she decided then that she was not her lineage or will not be  defined by her past

for she made a promise to herself the day she became a mother

To be the woman she was meant to be, for her little daughter

its easy to be sad, depressed or falter

its so much more difficult to remain a mad hatter

who laughs through her tears, and her fears

who learns to not close her heart to love, because how else can she ever say to her daughter

“Fall in love, open your heart and be in ecstasy”

Make mistakes and grow through them,  so that you can love yourself first and then all others

because you’ll always have someone to watch your back, to walk two steps behind you and to hold your hand

especially when you falter, for that’s the time to return to love, for you and me both

And I promise as we return we are both going to be so much stronger and wiser.

for you’ll be your own saftey net, you wont ever need to wonder

for you will know that you’re stronger than you think, wiser beyond your dreams and that you’ll always fly on angel wings