‪#‎The100dayproject ‬#Day 1#learning to Breathe

Taking up a challenge is not really challenging, sticking to it , invariably is..In my case its always the universe and its legion of human beings, aka..relatives, friends, bosses, cab drivers,who all seem to conspire against me, stopping me from completing the challenge .. therefore, to set the premise , I will be supremely impressed by myself If I am able to write every single day for the next 100 days.. This is therefore Me challenging Myself, to become what I refer to myself often, a writer who actually writes.

I am not sure what will happen with a laptop, a mind, deft fingers and external stimulus all coming together in a cauldron of imagination, emotions and drama when stirred slowly for the next 100 days. However, today for the first time, I don’t wish to overthink of what the outcome might be, because sometimes not knowing gives one a bigger brighter canvas to play with the unknown and create something so fabulous that you didn’t even know existed in the tiny spaces of our mind.

What I do know is that at this moment the universe and me are in alignment, I can feel myself breathe and relax because I have the grace and opportunity to spend time on Me. I am grateful that my closest friend, my soul sister is able to share my dreams and hopes with me, something I always took for granted but realize now that moments spent with people we love are tiny specks of snowflakes that can be shaken and stirred anytime by the hands of fate and time…So I have decided to spend my time now onwards, being present in these tiny moments, for the One big moment is only just a mirage..I am grateful for being a mother ;to be chosen to be a mother, to bring a life into this world is a sign that I am special. I realize  that this tiny person is not mine to mould but that in fact I have been given the job to help this speck of divine light, this soul to pattern itself along its own path of learning..My child does not just bring joy to me she touches the lives of so many people around me, and has helped me mould myself into a better version of me.

I am amazed at the many forms of love in my life, at work, with a prospective partner, my friends whom I adore and who are always a phone call away.Of course, there is depravity and illness and pain around me , and yet today and hopefully for the next 100 days I am going to focus on the other side of the spectrum, and I will learn to surrender and flow towards the natural course of my life ..More importantly I will focus on my breath, the singular motion that is at the crux of  my existence and of so many others..I will allow life to breathe through me and see where that single breath takes me into the future, a 100 days later, maybe I will truly be breathing in my authentic self and the journey that I begin today into the unknown would have reached a destination.


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