A letter from me. On your 5th Birthday.

Words every child would love to hear

The Purple Guy

Dearest Son,

If I never say no more, just know that this is all I ever want to say to  you.

Father and son on beach

“I cannot express how proud and loved I am, because of you. Somehow, I feel, you already know.

Today, you may not be old enough to read my words. But in a few years, you will be. I am writing this because these may be the only wise words I ever say to you.

You’re a boy now. You’ve lost your baby belly. You have exchanged your chubby thighs for spindly legs. You sleep on your own bed. Through the night. You close the door when you pee. You can write your name, and mine, draw a cat, count to 100 and eat your own food. You even dress yourself. You question me, each time I screw up. And then you forgive. You are caring. Always ready to help. Always full of life.

I’m Sorry. For…

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