To be like a Hummingbird

To be like a hummingbird, is to be who you are,

And to not have to wonder where you are on life’s path

The path of the hummingbird is one that has yet to be carved,

For the hummingbird follows only its heart

A heart that is strong from falling apart and yet driven by curiosity it gives it one more start

For the hummingbird is a curious soul, and has no passions defined

It follows only the rhythm of its soul where “Its” passion resides

In the flow of the breeze, in the smell of the wild lilies and the gurgling of the stream

To be like a hummingbird is as simple as breathing

It means to let go of the idea of achieving everything

For sometimes its curiosity that leads to finding life’s passion(s)

Even when we meander, and go off the path,

For if we are like the hummingbird, curious and looking out for the clues

And know that in finding the pieces of the puzzle one day you will find “the You”