Happy We “own our own” day

I don’t want a day of my own, I want to own all of my days!

I want to be able to experience equality not hear during Television debates that we are equals

If we are, I wonder why I get paid lesser than you or why do I get passed on for promotions or why I will be good at client management, only because I am a woman

If we are, why is it that I am sitting at the pediatrician’s office and the PTA, because you couldn’t get out of that very important meeting?

If we are, then why is it that single women and esp. single mothers are thought of as defective while you, the single man, is desirable

If we are, Why do I have to plan the party, manage the guests, while you are responsible for sending out all the invitations?

If we are, why do I have to be responsible for everybody’s good mood, yours and my parents included, while you get to say what you want, to whomever you want to?

If we are, then why do I have to be grateful to be married to a man who helps with the kids and does the dishes? Is it because you did something beyond the boundaries of your gender?

I don’t need special seats on the bus, I need a seat at the boardroom

I don’t need for you to open the doors for me, if you do, it should be only because you’re chivalrous not because I am needy

I don’t need you to save me, I need you to understand that saving me is not your job, its only my own, I only need you to give me the space to be able to that

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for all that you do for, as my father, brother, lover, boss and my colleague

In all these capacities you all enrich my life, for which I am grateful,

And yet, I don’t need you to make me feel grateful for the special gestures because that would mean that I need to be treated differently

I don’t need for you to patronize me, I need you to be my patron, as I live my life as another fellow human being

Someone who can just be, just live life on her own terms, make the same mistakes as you do and then learn from them

Someone who is not judged by her clothes, her body, her marital status, her chromosomes

Someone who is not different from you, but is just Another You, only dressed differently in a sari, skirt or trousers

I understand our anatomical differences and I am mindful of that, but our brains don’t differ, I can love Math and Science too and detest all things artsy

I , thank you for your wishes on Women’s day, but hey, we don’t need a special day to feel special because we are special every day, and your job is to remind us just that, in moments when we forget

And not because I am a woman and you’re a man, and it’s your job to make us feel special but only because that’s what friends, family, and lovers do

Stand with us, stand for us, and treat us as your equals and help us Own all of our days in our own Unique wayinternational-women-s-day-pink-background_23-2147537899

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