Depression is a bar of chocolate

Depression is a bar of chocolate And so many other things too

It’s the cloud above my head that refuses to let the sun shine through

It’s the constant companion of doom, a grey fog that refuses to let go of me and fills every area of my being

It’s the projector in my mind that shows images of what “could have been”

It’s the voice of non-reason and yet in that moment it makes sense

I want to be able to tell people I am not okay when they call to ask me how I am doing and yet I can’t

Only because I would hate for them to tell me that I am stronger than this

What is this? I ask

This thing that I am supposed to be much stronger than, holds me in its iron grip, and I can’t run faster or farther enough to be able to get away from it

So no I am not stronger than this thing!! maybe I never will be

I am not weak either, just very down, because I am led to believe that everyone else besides me leads a perfect life

And sometimes they do, most of the times they pretend

So instead of telling me to be grateful for what I have, tell me how grateful you are to have me in your life

Tell me that youre having challenges too and yet you are grateful for the small acts of beauty and grace in your lives

That would give me hope and sometimes that is all I need to feel stronger than I am !!