Ive had to give various version of “About Me” in the last couple of years and where I am right now, I’d probably introduce myself as an Indian Single woman who is also a parent, a great friend and confidant to sometimes even complete strangers.. I live in Bangalore and having lived in places spanning all the four directions, I am now almost a converted Bangalorean..

I work in an IT company but I’m still  an alien to the nuances of the IT world.. I think a lot and blogging helps me clear spaces in my mind..putting pen to paper saves me a trip to the therapist and also helps me connect to a whole lot of other people, hear them out, breathe in a few way of life..

I hope to connect with a whole lot of Indian single parents, I’ve been alone sometimes and wished that I could speak to someone and not having to explain why I am thinking the way I am..Life  is a lil different if you’re doing something all by yourself, especially if its parenting and dealing with being Single with a tag of being married once..For now I am just enjoying this moment..


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Anasera

      Thank you for your writing in and likewise, was wonderful to have had a chance to discoer your’s..you do such lovely work with words and colours..I will be getting some for my girl..

      Homeschooling must be so much fun and a handful to, how do you manage? I would have love to homeschool, but in India it can be a challenge..

      lovely to connect with you..

      I loved your poems, they speak to my heart

      1. I hope your girl enjoys colouring them, and I am glad you enjoyed my poems.

        I am deeply grateful that homeschooling is an option for my family in NZ. It has been very good for my family.

        All the best,

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