"Vulnerably" Your's

Being Vulnerable does not come easily to Me! To be heard and felt, to hear and feel felt like emotions with no meaning, Then you sailed through and entered my space and saw things which I had not been able to place, on the very landscape of my heart and soul, and you drilled aContinue reading “"Vulnerably" Your's”

Himalayan Sunshine

My thoughts are varied, short and yet deep Some written and several waiting to be written Undefined by the many inhibitions Unwritten emotions, fears, joys, tribulations and victories, struggling to emerge through the layer of fog Waiting for the sunrays to touch the frozen peaks of my imagination And change the hues of my soulContinue reading “Himalayan Sunshine”

Desperately Frustrated

I am inspired to do better, desperation sets in when I am stalled I am inspired to be the flame, desperate when all it does is rain I am frustrated when you don’t want me to think, desperate for the freedom to string sentences that speak volumes I am frustrated when you box me up andContinue reading “Desperately Frustrated”

Depression is a bar of chocolate

Depression is a bar of chocolate And so many other things too It’s the cloud above my head that refuses to let the sun shine through It’s the constant companion of doom, a grey fog that refuses to let go of me and fills every area of my being It’s the projector in my mindContinue reading “Depression is a bar of chocolate”

Happy We “own our own” day

I don’t want a day of my own, I want to own all of my days! I want to be able to experience equality not hear during Television debates that we are equals If we are, I wonder why I get paid lesser than you or why do I get passed on for promotions orContinue reading “Happy We “own our own” day”


You don’t SEE me, for on most days you only see- through Me what you don’t seem to do is RECOGNIZE me- the woman in your team To you I am the face of gender inclusion, a”Need-t0″ and not a “Must- Have”! I am also a Mother, and you  believe that my brain probably fell -off,Continue reading ““Moma”holic”

Hello 2017:Feeling 20, looking 17

It’s that time of the year, in fact the very last day of the year and like most people I am not at a disco partying or even at a house party. Well it’s by choice and I am perfectly happy being in this space, where everything comes back to Me…2016 was the year whenContinue reading “Hello 2017:Feeling 20, looking 17”

When you’re almost done at work and with work — girllostatwork

You know its time to move on from where you work , when you have a really important presentation to give the next day at yet, you do everything else but work on that presentation. this is what i did, spoke to friends I hadn’t spoken to in over a month, paid mundane bills, made […]Continue reading “When you’re almost done at work and with work — girllostatwork”

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