The One

When I was a little girl, I got introduced to the “One” He was the prince in Cinderella , in Snowhite and also in Rapunzel, The knight in a shining armour on an even shinier horse An image so indented in the minds of little girls like you and me The message was clear, weContinue reading “The One”

I see

I have been taking this beautiful, writing workshop, aptly titled “writing from your chakras” for nearly a month now. Each week we work with one chakra or energy center within our etheric bodies and attempt to unblock the creative energy within each one of them for the purpose of writing . This week was forContinue reading “I see”

If I were totally Free

If I were totally free, I will: breathe, deeply, consciously and feel the breath revive me from the many many years of being glued to an empty life. Run and not crawl towards my dreams, , by myself, leaving those from my dreamless past , behind,and not ever feeling guilty about doing that I will laughContinue reading “If I were totally Free”

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